Product Name:
disposable clip cap/mop cap/mob cap
size :

Disposable non woven clip caps /mop caps/mob caps

1.Good protective, light weight,latex free
2.sewing and automatic style,Comfortable wearing
3.White,blue,green,yellow,pink,orange,red colors can be available.
4.Qualified products,safe and sanitary.
5.Professional shipping service if necessary.
6.Full series after-sale service system.
7.With single elastic or double elastic.
For hospital clinical medical personnel and patients.
dust-free workshop, laboratory, food industry, electronic manufactures and so on

Product Description Size &Weight Packing Carton size Loading Q'ty
Mob cap   White/Blue 19'' 100pcs/bag 20bags/ctn/ctn 58*24*26cm 770CTNS
Single elastic with single elastic PP 10g 15,400BAGS
  White/Blue 21'' 100pcs/bag 20bags/ctn/ctn 58*25*28cm 690CTNS 
  with single elastic PP 10g 13,800BAGS
Mob cap            White/Blue         19''    100pcs/bag 20bags/ctn 58*24*26cm 770CTNS
Double elastic with two elastics PP 10g 15,400BAGS
        White/Blue          21''   100pcs/bag 20bags/ctn 58*25*28cm 690CTNS 
  with two elastics PP 10g 13,800BAGS
Mob bouffant single elastic         White/Blue            19''   100pcs/bag 20bags/ctn/ctn 50*26*28cm 770CTNS
     with single elastics PP 10g 15,400BAGS
     White/Blue           21''   100pcs/bag 20bags/ctn 50*27*30cm 690CTNS
  with single elastics PP 10g 13,800BAGS
PE Mob caps White 19'' 100pcs/bag 10bags/ctn 32*24*25cm 1,450CTNS
(For cosmetics segment ) with two elastics 14,500BAGS
Nylon hairnet White/Black/brown /blue         19'' 100pcs/bag 10bags/ctn 30*23*25cm 1,600CTNS 
with single elastic 16,000BAGS
White/Black/brown /blue         21'' 100pcs/bag 10bags/ctn/ctn 30*23*26cm 1,530CTNS
with single elastic 15,300BAGS