Product Name:
disposable microporous coveralls
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 Breathable disposable  microporous coveralls
Disposable Protective Clothing are made from isolation protective high-performance material. Usually used in the area of medical
safety protective, aseptic workshop, protective isolation, mining electronics factory, food factory farm animal husbandry biohazard
and so on

Disposable Protective Clothing have two kinds processes: sewing and ultrasound thermal bonding. 

Name Disposable microporous coveralls
Material&Weight  Microporous 45~65gsm
Color white, blue, yellow, green, red, pink, black, grey etc.
Size S-6XL or as your requirement
Style With hood and boot; with hood no boot; with collar and no boot; with collar and with boot; with or without elastic behind waist; single or double flap over the zipper
Packing  Non sterile 5pcs/bag, 50/ctnor sterile 1pcs/bag, 50pcs/ctn
Packing design  All inner bags and carton printing can be as your design
Certifications FDA / CE / NELSON / ISO13485
Applications Widely used in medical safety protective, mining electronics factory, sterile workshop, protective isolation, food factory farm animal husbandry biohazard and so on.

Material features
Disposable microporous  coveralls
Permeability is strong, anti-static; Better permeability, in a variety of organic solvents, acid and alkali corrosion resistance at the
same time,with high resistance to impact mechanical properties of the toughness, texture soft, comfortable not combustion-supporting
non-toxic non-irritating,harmless to skin.
Product Advantages
1. Providing reliable barriers to water steam or blood and other fluids.
2. Safety for wearing, no stimulus to skin.
3. Soft hand feeling and comfortable.
4. eco-friendly material, light and breathable for body..
5. Excellent to dissipate body heat
6. Can prevent pollution and the surface of this clothes without stains.